GBAataxx is a GBA version of the game ataxx. In particular this is a direct port from the gnome version (gataxx) from the gnome-games package.
written by Ian Peters and Chris Rogers.

Version 0.04 binary
Version 0.04 source

Playing: The first thing you see is a choice of three levels, level 1 being easier than level 3. Use the cursor and press A to select one

When it is your turn (Green) move the cursor to a green tile press the A button to select and you can move to any of the spaces outlined. If you move to an adjacent square you will create a new tile, if you move beyond an adjacent square you move the current tile and leave an available, empty, square behind. The object of the game is to have the most Green tiles at the end.

Works just fine with VisualBoyAdvance if you dont have a GameBoy Advance.

2002-04-05 First posting

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